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Mediation Services
After many years of litigation, and attending hundreds of mediations, we started providing mediation services. In this capacity, we act as a neutral third party to assist parties in resolving their conflicts. We set a sliding fee scale based on the value of the case, and then provide a refund of a portion of the fees if we do not successfully resolve your matter. Because of our litigation and financial backgrounds, we are convinced we can always identify a creative resolution to any conflict brought to us. We guarantee that we will work harder to achieve a resolution than any other mediator. Please contact us for a quote for our mediation service, or to discuss our qualifications further.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution that attempts to reach a resolution between adversarial parties before going through the trial process. Mediators use learned techniques, act as neutral third parties, and facilitate communication, to assist all sides in coming to a mutual agreeable resolution.

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